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Take Back Your Sex

Sep 18, 2017

Quickie Before the Guest: Creating Consent Culture by Sex Coach Leigh Montavon.

About the Guest: Derek Collins is the host of The Right Manchild Podcast, one-half of Casually Sarcastic w/ Keisha & Derek, and co-owner / founder of Hot Dog Vinyl (MediaThing). He is a Cisgender, Pansexual, unapologetically black, male.

Things We Discuss: the wonderful world of podcasting. His journey with bisexuality and then pansexuality, and how it affects dating. Being unapologetically black and proud in today's political climate. Self-love from the male perspective. Why dating apps are trash {at least for Derek ;)} The fetishization of black men.

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Creating Consent Culture - by Leigh Montavon
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